• By Josh Atkinson
  • 02 November, 21
  • 15 min read

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Gaming Industry

Artificial intelligence, or as it is otherwise known, AI, is one of the biggest technology innovations that has occurred in recent years. Artificial intelligence has had an effect on everything from medical treatments to finance, and the games industry has not gone unaffected. Whether you are a technology fanatic or you are an avid gamer, you will benefit from learning more about how artificial intelligence is changing the industry.

Games are Becoming Smarter

Artificial intelligence did not enter the games industry quietly; in fact, in 2017, artificial intelligence managed to make waves in one of the world’s oldest games, chess. In 2017 DeepMind’s program Alpha Zero, a self-taught machine, did the impossible; it beat a grandmaster. As the possible number of chess moves is believed to be more than the number of atoms in the universe, it was previously believed that human intelligence and intuition were needed to win a chess game, but Alpha Zero proved this theory wrong.

Artificial intelligence is not only becoming smarter in traditional games, but it is allowing video games to become more intelligent too. Artificial intelligence is allowing game developers to come up with innovative techniques, such as reinforcement learning. These techniques can be used in a number of different ways, but one of the most influential of which is adaptive gameplay. Artificial intelligence is allowing games to respond to a player’s own unique style to create a more rewarding playing experience.

Improved Development Processes

Have you ever been scrolling through the play station store and wondered why games are just so expensive? One of the reasons why the game is just so expensive is quite simply because it takes a great deal of time and resources to create high-quality games. See also Sony recommends building millions more PS5 consoles than planned Artificial intelligence can help to reduce the amount of time that has to be spent developing games. This means that games will take less money to make and take less time to hit the market.

Improved Gaming Services

As gameswing.io explains, many online entertainment and gaming sites are using artificial intelligence to improve the player experience. Whether they are using chatbots or other forms of artificial intelligence, it is now easier than ever for online gamers to find out the information they desire on gaming sites.

Enhanced Immersion

Artificial intelligence is being used to enhance the level of immersion that is offered in games. For example, developers are using increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence to generate more responsive and adaptive non-playable characters. As non-playable characters become more convincing, the level of possible immersion in games also increases.

Increased Realism

The level of artificial intelligence that is being used in the gaming industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Not only is artificial intelligence increasingly sophisticated, but it is also easier than ever to adopt. This means that it is possible for games to be developed with the use of 3D effects and other visualization techniques. When these increased graphics are combined with the use of artificial intelligence to respond and adapt to a player’s unique style, this will increase possible levels of realism in gameplay.