• By Brajendra Kumar
  • 30 October, 2021
  • 4 min read

Ongoing Journey of Facebook: From Facebook to Meta

We all would have been hearing for a long time that Facebook is going to change its name. We were curious about what new is coming if the name is changed. It is apparent that we are not only looking for a name change but also believing Facebook will positively present something unprecedented for the world. Now when the Facebook name has changed, many like Meta, while some of them say Meta is a weird name.

A short story of Face Mash to Facebook

When Mark Zuckerberg build the website Facemash in 2003, he would have nevermore thought about the journey of Facebook. In the 17 years, Mark Zuckerberg would have gone through a lot of struggle. The struggle was not limited to being an owner of a big social media platform, but he has also formed a place for the million people to earn money. If you will read about the origin of Facebook, now its name is Meta, you will know the journey was challenging for Mark Zuckerberg. So let us understand how Facebook has come into our life.

In America, many universities have a web directory for students that consists of personal information and photographs. This web directory is known as facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg was in Harvard, he noticed the facebook web directory of Harvard is not universal, and it required many improvements. In January 2004, he coded a program for the TheFacebook, and then immediately in February, he launched the website thefacebook.com. During all these, he was accused by the Harvard official, and they said that Mark Zuckerberg had deliberately misled them, and after that, they sued. Initially, Thefacebook was restricted to Harvard College, and soon this technology was adopted by many colleges and universities in America and Canada. In 2005, the name of TheFacebook had changed with a new name Facebook, and the domain name was facebook.com. Facebook was getting famous and was also receiving investments. In 2006, the company decided to open Facebook for everyone. Facebook allowed every user to connect to a facebook social platform that possesses a valid email address. The name of big technology companies like Apple Inc and Microsoft also had a good deal with Facebook.

What is Special in Meta?

On 28th October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the brand Meta replacing Facebook, and the company will be known as Meta Platform Inc. This is not the first time. Facebook has changed its name many times in the past. However, there will be no change in the names of the apps and will remain the same Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Also, the corporate structure of the company will be the same. Meta is a Greek word that means beyond, and Mark Zuckerburg finds it suitable for his company name. It is not confined to ‘beyond’ while the company logo further displays the animated symbol of infinity. The old logo of Thumbs up ‘like’ has been removed. The thought of Meta would have also come from Metaverse. They are investing billions of money on metaverse as this is the time of the virtual world. Meta is not alone who is adopting the metaverse, while many companies will be experimenting.

Metaverse has become today a buzzword in the technology world and is the next evaluation of social connections. The combination of virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) can be experienced through Meta in the digital space as these are the future of technology. Meta is going to give you an excellent online social experience where you will be able to connect the world in 3D. This will not be limited to the gaming world as many think, but you will be allowed to buy virtual land and many digital assets similarly you are doing in the real world. Zuckerburg has claimed Metaverse as the virtual environment where you can go inside and sense realism instead of just looking at the display. Meta is not only a social platform but builds technology for the world. Meta aims to give you a realistic experience with the help of technology. The demand for a multidimensional digital world has increased because we have seen massive online interaction during the pandemic. Now, the technology transformation is essentially required in real life that should be more realistic which will undoubtedly be accepted by the world.


1. We believe and hope for a new experience when some changes happen. If anyone is distracted and stops liking Facebook, a new effort of Meta may again invite them to use it.

2. AR, VR, and Metaverse are the future of technology, and comprehending all through social media will be interesting and entertaining.

3. We are looking for a multidimensional digital world. We know technology has some limitations, and natural reality is still very far. However, experiencing reality through technology will be enjoyable.

Thank you for reading. I am looking for your opinion about Meta. I would like to understand what do you think.